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ISIS-Chan and her Google Bomb Vest.

While sitting here reading old articles about Gawker recruits, and thinking just how amazing an opportunity that would be, I decided to try my hand at writing something that I feel would capture the attention of at least a small majority of internet viewers. A quick search of news headlines brought the perfect golden nugget to my doorstep. A topic that combines 2 of the hottest trending items around the web these days, ISIS and Anime.

Never before has a topic been so perfectly created to generate views as this, my new personal favorite “chan” and hopefully yours too, ISIS-Chan.


So, WHO is ISIS-Chan and what does she stand for? Follow me if you dare, and I will do my best to show you.

Illustration for article titled ISIS-Chan and her Google Bomb Vest.

At first glance, ISIS-Chan is what you see before you. A rather cute and disarming Anime girl, draped in what you could call traditional Middle Eastern garb. Very disarming, very harmless, but a very potent weapon if used correctly. How should she be used and what is she being used for? I asked the same questions myself.

According to several articles and a few people I have spoken to directly, the goal of ISIS-Chan (because what else were they going to name her?) is sort of a reverse raid. Instead of flooding a website, search term, or image board with picture of gore and violence (which is what ISIS has already done, and wants to see continue), the goal of ISIS-chan and her followers is to instead have the term ISIS return results displaying the aforementioned bubbly, cute, and yet somehow still vaguely terroristic anime girl. The goal is a laudable one, and I think that it’s a step in the right direction but in the end, will this really do much in the grand scheme of things?

Is having an anime character show up in a search result instead of whatever debauchery would have normally really that big of a victory? When you think about what has happened recently in regards to ISIS, what with the child executioners and the HD drowning, RPGing and exploding necklace executions (links are safe to view, non-graphic but disturbing) something like this isn’t really going to make THAT big of an impact on the world. However minor an impact it makes on things over there, it does however show that even the everyday people, those that can’t contribute in any other way, are making a stand in the ways that they know how, and that DOES make a difference. Let us not forget that a huge part of ISIS’s campaign to recruit young people is rooted on the internet, and they make heavy use of social media and websites to foster interest in their cause in the minds of young westerners.


Screwing with people has been a past-time (and in some cases a full-time) since the internet came into being. I haven’t fact checked this, but I would be willing to bet that shortly after the ability to correspond with other people digitally was created, the first “pwning” commenced. I can honestly think of no better a target than one such as this. A cadre of digital soldiers utilizing all the “skills” and lessons they have learned from pointless acts of internet subterfuge in the past and applying it to something as noble as this creates a beacon of light that will shine even in the deepest, darkest pits of the internet. Which, in my mind, I imagine as the file directory of whatever server ISIS uses to upload their heinous videos and propaganda.

If everybody does what they can, in whatever ways they can, to help fight the spread of terror and hatred, then they can say without shame that they did their part. I know that I will be doing my part to redefine the results of “ISIS” on google from one of evil and debauchery to one that is a nice reminder of the digital warriors doing their part to shut ISIS out of THEIR domain.


For more reading, check out this link.

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